Whitney Darchuk



I love running, it is a big passion of mine. I usually do a couple 1/2 marathons a year and some other 5k-10k fun runs. Last fall I ran my first full Marathon. I have also done some triathlons. I ran my first full marathon in Oct/2012. I ran the entire marathon on 3FU3L only and felt great!!!!! That was when I really knew, this product was legit! I had also done my first longer Triathlon previously that summer the same way. Nothing but 3FU3l. I got into CrossFit a few years back. In 2012 I took part in the Open, and missed Qualifying for Regionals. 2013 is when I decided I wanted to compete in CrossFit after spending a weekend at a training camp with Doug and Brain. In 2013 I finished 15th in my region in the Open, and 10th at regionals. I also took part in “Battle on the Border” CrossFit competition where I finished 1st in the Female Rx’d Division. I was introduced to 3FU3L through Doug (my Coach). My training was becoming more serious and I had been looking for a product that was clean, Gluten Free (I have a severe allergy to Gluten), and would ship to Canada. When Doug explained the product to me I was ecstatic. It sounded like exactly what I needed. After 2 weeks of use I noticed great results. My energy levels stayed high throughout the day even after early morning high intensity workouts, which use to tire me out. I found after those hard grueling WOD’s, where you feel the shakes and you may never recover, I would recover and with the 3FU3L the shakes would go away! I make sure to get the 3FU3L in within 15mins of finishing a WOD. I never get bloating from it like I had from some past products. All in all my recovery from it in awesome. I would never take any other product. I use 3FU3L for my pre, during, and post training depending on different scenario’s. I do a lot of early morning workouts. I don’t always eat prior to them but I make sure to take 3FU3L and I am able to work at my full potential still. I then follow with my breakfast after. Some days it is the other way around depending on the time of morning I workout.