Phil Guillot

"In every other aspect of my life I try not to do things without knowing the best way to do it; so why should my supplementation be any different.  Knowing how important carbs are to fuel and recovery I began doing my homework to find a product that offered a carb supplement as well as a 1:1 protein carb ratio in their recovery drink. It was through that process I discovered 3fu3l and have never looked back. The 3fu3l recovery and 3carb provides my body with the macronutrients I need to not only train but also recover at high level.  I am true believer in 3Fu3l and would highly recommend it to any performance athlete."


Phillip Guillot is a 6 time CrossFit Games Regional athlete. His first year qualifying was in 2013. Going into The Open Phil had a goal to finish top 200 in his region. It was his first year competing in the Open and he thought top 200 was rather ambitious. As the weeks progressed and the workouts were released, Phil stayed in a qualifying position and completely surprised himself by earning trip to compete in the 2013 South Central CrossFit Games Regional. That year was his first appearance. "I had a horrible performance and at no point in the competition did I feel like myself. I left the weekend knowing there was a flaw in my routine and preparation that was creating a gap between myself and the other elite athletes. After talking to the other athletes about their training regimen, I discovered how important nutrition and recovery is to performing at an elite level.  At the time I was basically buying whatever the fad protein was at the time or just took what it seemed everyone else was taking." -Phil Guillot

Phil was introduced to 3FU3L and has not looked back. As a coach and athlete, Phil needs to perform at optimal levels every day.