Nick Bloch

"I was first introduced to 3Fu3l during the 2016 Grid season. Grid is a very tough sport and making sure you’re properly fueled throughout the match is critical. Each individual race is extremely important in a Grid match. Having the right supplements can be crucial to your success as a Grid athlete. I use 3Carb before and during the matches to keep my energy levels up and allow me to sustain a high output for the entire 2 hour match. Afterwards, I take the 3FU3L protein products to jumpstart my recovery. There is a quick turnaround between matches so anything I could to do to speed up my recovery was vital. 3FU3L and their products help keep me at the top of my game both in training and when it counted the most... game time! I’m excited to be a part of this amazing company. Thanks 3FU3L!"

Nick Bloch is a self-proclaimed country boy who grew up on a small farm in Brownsville, WI. In college, he was a 4 year starter on the football team for the Northern Michigan Wildcats. After college, Nick competed in bodybuilding for 4 years before finding CrossFit in 2012 while living in Tyler, TX. Since then, Nick moved home and opened his own gym. Nick competed at Regionals every year since 2012 with his highest placement in 11th (2013). Nick is also a member of the The Grid League's New York Rhinos. He has played 2 seasons for the Rhinos so far, and has been the team captain as well as 2nd team All-Grid in 2016.


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