Magic Barkan

"I tend to train about 6 days a week with the 7th day being an active recovery day. Training under intense conditions, it's important that my body is well nourished. Recovery in between and after MMA workouts is just as important. With 3Fu3l/3Carb you can take pre/durning/after/recovery. I have my 3Fu3l shaker and mix a scoop of both 3FU3L/3Carb mixed with fresh coconut water immediately after my trainings to maximize recovery and muscle re-nourishment. Minutes after my intake, I feel absolutely amazing and the next day I'm able to perform at my best.


Magic started his passion for extreme sports at 9 years old with skiing. He competed in mostly downhill racing and some freestyle competitions, including major events such as The Monster Recon Tour. In middle school, Magic ran cross country and also competed on one of the USA junior olympics teams. In high school, he played multiple sports, including football, cross country, and wrestling.
During his senior year, Magic had met UFC welterweight fighter Jake Ellenberger and they become great friends. Jake inspired Magic to go above and beyond his dreams and goals. Jake introduced Magic to an MMA gym where he started building an interest. After high school, Magic went to college where he wrestled for a year while at the same time training in MMA. By the end of that college year, he decided to pursue a new dream of becoming an MMA fighter. Magic moved from his small town community in the mountains to Orange County. Next, Magic started training kickboxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and strength & conditioning. Magic made great friends with UFC former lightweight champion of the world Rafael Dos Anjos. Rafael took Magic under his wing. While preparing to become an MMA fighter, Magic competed in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with close to 20 undefeated matches. After 3 years of training, Magic was introduced to RVCA where he met the brilliant boxing coach Jason Parillo. He continues to learn and train with Jason.