Dr. Elke Nelson

Dr. Elke Nelson Rock Climbing 3FU3L Athlete

Dr. Elke Nelson, Ph.D. With a Doctorate in Molecular & Cellular Biology and a Level-1 CrossFit certificate, Elke combines her scientific expertise and passion for health and fitness to create a highly individualized approach to nutrition. Elke has worked with clients throughout the USA, providing guidance on a variety of issues, including weight management, performance, and targeted health needs. In addition to providing custom nutrition guidance to individuals, Elke has served as a content contributor, expert reviewer and consultant for top health products and fitness magazines. Elke also provides nutrition workshops, on behalf of her own company and others, that help clarify the science behind what we eat and how it dictates what we achieve. Outside of her work in nutrition, Elke holds a full time position as an Implementation Manager for ECRI Institute’s Health Technology Assessment Information Service.

3Carb- “I’m a big believer in using carbohydrates strategically to support and enhance performance. 3Carb is appealing for two reasons: it is probably the only carbohydrate I’d advocate in the pre-workout window, and it gives me that extra push in the gym I sometimes need during periods of very strict clean-eating (no dairy/whey, gluten, soy, added sugars).” 3FU3L- “I didn’t want to like 3Fu3l. The idea of taking a whey hydrolysate and carbohydrate in the pre-workout window was completely backwards to me. Fats are conventionally thought of as slower-burning fuel, whereas carbohydrates can be utilized relatively quickly. 3Fu3l flips this on its head. By offering the unique combination of quick-burning fatty acids (MCT) and slow-burning carbs (3Carb), and thus promoting rather than stunting fat-burning during your workout, this grass-fed whey supplement is well-suited for the pre-workout window. After giving it a fair trial, I came away an avid user and can truly say it has notably enhanced my performance more than any other supplement I have ever taken. For me, drinking a pre-workout shake before my workout is stronger motivation than putting on your workout clothes; once I drink it, it’s go time.”