Brad Williams

Endurance Athlete

3FU3L Ambassador Brad Williams has been an endurance athlete since 2003. He has raced in all different sports: mountain biking, running, road bike racing, triathlons, cyclocross, ultra running, and duathlons. Brad also competes in CrossFit competitions from time to time as well. He enjoys racing and competing in a variety of different sports to test his fitness and see how far he can take himself athletically. He is also a full time physical and health education teacher for residential girls in grades 6th-12th in Dearborn Heights, MI. Brad believes that staying active in the different athletic events helps him provide a positive example of practicing what you preach to his students and colleagues. For training, Brad follows Power Speed Endurance programming. 3FU3L and 3CARB are his go-to’s after any training session.  The fast absorbing nutrients get into the body quickly to help quicken recovery. 
"3FU3L and 3CARB have been game changers in my races.  I combine them both with water and BCAA’s in my bottles for any distance race and know I’ll be set nutritionally.  I use 3Fuel and 3Carb mixed with BCAA’s and water alone for anything up to 2.5 hours. For a longer endurance events over 5 hours I use my 3FU3L and 3CARB mixed with BCAA’s and water at certain times during the race. Also, I’ve never had stomach problems with 3Fuel and 3Carb.  Both digest very quickly and get into my system quickly to keep me fueled and going strong when racing."
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