With Fast Fueling, Long Lasting 3CARB

Be Prepared For Whatever Your Next WOD Entails.

Finding the right carbohydrate to fuel yourself is difficult. Even complex carb sources fade after an hour or two, leaving you in a situation where you're forced to rely on sugary drinks or gels to keep from crashing. We are athletes and coaches, and we have tried everything, from high carbs to ketogenic diets, in search of the perfect way to fuel ourselves and our athletes.

3Carb is the result of that search. It is a carbohydrate that is absorbed quickly but provides steady, long lasting energy. It does this by helping your body switch to burning fat while also buffering lactate. The end result is a carbohydrate that isn't just a superior fuel source, but also helps your body become more efficient.
Hydration is Key
We’ve all been there – training or competing in hot, humid conditions, and playing catch-up with rehydration. What usually happens is we drink a ton of water (or worse, a sugar-based carb drink), and we end up getting bloated or spending the rest of the day running to the bathroom. Then later in the evening, we’re still thirsty and experiencing dry mouth.

What Happened?
Water in (consumed) = Water out (sweat)

What happened is that there is a limit to how much water can be taken up by our cells (i.e. intracellular hydration that ends up in the blood and muscle). The rest remains in our our stomach, eventually moves onto the bladder, and eliminated. The fluid that remains in our stomach is what causes the bloated feeling.
Intracellular Hydration Via Carbs
Carbohydrates help pull water into the muscle, but there’s a catch: if you spike blood sugar, you only achieve intracellular hydration during the spike. This means if you drink a ton of fluid with sugary carbs, you only get increased cellular uptake while your body is responding to them. That window closes fast.
Solution: Fast absorbing, long lasting 3CARB
No Bloat. No Crash. Just Fuel.
Mix unflavored 3CARB with your flavored BCAA's, or whatever you like to use pre-workout. No funky taste or clumps of starch. We've been using and testing 3Carb for years, both on ourselves and the athletes we coach. We've successfully used it with Keto-adapted athletes and those on more traditional nutrition plans, from multi-WOD weekends to 5 weeks of Open unknowns, and it's never let us - or our athletes - down.