3Carb Keeps You Running.
Quick Absorbing. Long Lasting Energy. No Crash.

Did You Know...

Short Distance Runners:
For short bursts of power, your body depletes its phosphocreatine supply to generate Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), and contract your muscles as rapidly as possible. Your body can’t move without ATP being used – it’s the “product” your body purchases with metabolic “currency”. In terms of generating enough ATP, carbohydrates are the most easily used macronutrient.

Long Distance Runners and Obstacle Course Racers:
Finding the right carbohydrate to fuel yourself is difficult. Even complex carb sources fade after an hour or two, leaving you in a situation where you’re forced to rely on sugary drinks or gels to keep from crashing.

3CARB is a resistant starch – meaning although it’s made from waxy maize, it’s modified to act like a fiber. It produces low glucose and insulin responses, helping you sustain and maintain free fatty acid (FFA) oxidation in both the liver and muscles.

This steady flow of energy comes without spikes and no drop off... Energy for hours.
I've run distances up to 25K on 3Carb, maintaining energy through the race. My athletes agree that the sustained energy is the best! Have had runners use it up to Marathon distance with extra electrolyte + gel & all avoided the wall & no stomach issues!
I recommend 3Carb as part of a clean eating plan. Reducing/eliminating endurance athletes use of processed sugars.

For additional electrolytes, add 1/4 tsp volcanic or Himalayan sea salt to one serving of Tart Strawberry 3CARB. It is delicious and highly effective to maintain intracellular hydration.