6 Unflavored 3CARB Single Serves

LIMITED EDITION Single Serves Are Here!

This is a great way to try our products in convenient single servings! Throw a few in your gym bags for optimal pre-, intra- and post-workout fuel and recovery.

In this package, you will receive 6 Unflavored single serves. 




- Increases Endurance
- Fast Digesting, Slow Releasing HDP Waxy Maize
- Provides Sustained Energy
- Reduces Blood Lactate
- Increases Fat Burning
- Boosts Metabolism
- Natural, No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners


3Carb is a resistant starch - meaning although it's made from waxy maize, it's modified to act like a fiber. It produces low glucose and insulin responses, helping you sustain and maintain free fatty acid (FFA) oxidation in both the liver and muscles.  

This steady flow of energy comes without spikes and no drop off: Energy for hours.  We've been using and testing 3Carb for years, both with ourselves and the athletes we coach. We've successfully used it with Keto-adapted athletes as well as those on more traditional diets, from endurance events to the weight room, and it's never let us - or our athletes - down.


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