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What makes 3FU3L recover+ different from other amino acid products on the market?

Well, for starters, the amino acids in 3Fu3l recover+ are from Alpha-lactalbumin, one of the major constituents of whey protein. That's not only what makes 3FU3L recover+ unique, it's what makes 3FU3L recover+ better.

Most commercial amino acid powders are made from one of two sources: processed keratin or fermented vegetable matter. Keratin is a structural protein found in human hair (and animal fur), human nails (and animal hooves), and the outer layer of human skin. Vegetable matter is exactly what it sounds like - usually it's corn that gets broken down and fermented. We can't imagine this is what you have in mind as the starting point for a high-quality amino acid supplement.

We also can't imagine selling that stuff (we don't sell anything we don't actually use ourselves). That's why you'll find only the highest quality amino acids in 3Fu3l recover+, directly from the Alpha-lactalbumin found in whey protein.

Until a few years ago, keratin was where the majority of commercial amino acid supplements started as - essentially a by-product left over from slaughterhouses (sorry). Now that the fermentation process has gotten cheaper, manufacturers have begun to switch over. Unfortunately, while cheap, fermented corn doesn't build much muscle. In fact, the FDA doesn't actually consider amino acids made from these sources to be food (neither do we, and we suspect you don't, either). That's why, if you look at the facts panel on the majority of amino acid products, you'll notice that they have zero calories. How can you train, much less recover, without any calories?

3FU3L recover+ has calories listed on the facts panel, unlike almost every other amino acid product, because the entire amino content is from from Alpha-lactalbumin - it's not made from left over animal parts or fermented vegetables. Unlike those other aminos, when recover+ is broken down in the body (just like whey) it releases cysteine, a precursor to glutathione, an endogenous antioxidant. Like whey, recover + will help you build muscle and boost your metabolism. But just because it's made from whey, and they share many similarities, doesn't mean it's exactly like whey.

For example, while the Branched Chain Amino Acid profile of recover+ is identical to whey protein isolate, the Essential Amino Acid profile is significantly higher.

Yet another difference is their effects on acute (four hour) post-workout recovery. In a head to head study, when taken after training, Alpha-lactalbumin was shown to be superior for lowering fatigue and muscle pain. If you're doing multiple training sessions each day, it's the perfect addition to your periworkout shake or as a standalone source of aminos.

Another study indicated that when consumed in the evening, it can help stressed-out people fall asleep faster and spend more time asleep - which ultimately increased morning alertness in test subjects (probably from the increased sleep quality). That's right - take a high dose (20 grams) before bed and you'll actually wake up more alert. It even helps elevate mood and improve memory (again, not a surprise with enhanced recovery).

Although it hasn't been studied, we think it's a safe bet that taking 3Fu3l recover)+ before bed would result in a better training session the next day (especially if you train first thing in the morning).

You can take a serving (6 grams) of 3FU3L recover+ alone, with just water (it's unflavored), in milk, or it can be mixed into a 3FU3L shake, for use before, during, or after training. If you're following a ketogenic diet, you can mix it with equal parts half and half and water, or add heavy cream, and make your own high fat recovery shake (delicious!). Because it's a complete protein source, it can not only be used to bump up the amino acid content of your usual shake, it can be used entirely alone (unlike other aminos).

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