Brad Williams Quarry Ridge by Shawn Wingate

Training and Fueling Right For The Win!

July 05, 2017

By Team3F Athlete Ambassador, Brad Williams

On June 28, 2017, I competed in the Quarry Ridge Duathlon in Sylvania, OH.  I was able to take first overall since the three guys that finished ahead of me were bumped into the Master’s division.  I signed up for this race last minute because the duathlon I had planned to race in Sanford, MI on Saturday was cancelled due to torrential flooding in Midland County (Michigan).  

I was already at a good level of fitness and well rested going into this race.  The week leading up to the taper, I had spent refining weaknesses; holding my pace for running, focusing on turning the legs over fast coming off the bike, and pacing consistently on the bike.  The only hard workouts I had were a long run Saturday and long gravel road bike ride Sunday (these were due to cancelled race).  After the weekend I continued short taper too.

Since the race was in the evening, I stuck to my regular eating habits through the day - a regular breakfast, regular lunch, and a snack at 3:00pm before leaving.  I didn’t do a spin class or an easy run to loosen up earlier in day.  Only thing I did was stretch and smash muscles to loosen them up. I arrived to the race at 5:15 pm  and like every race I sipped a bottle of 3FU3L with BCAA’s in it.  This is only to top me off so I’m not on empty when I start. The race distance was 1 mile Run, an 11 mile Bike, and a 5K Run (normally 5k Run, 12.4 mile Bike, 5K Run).  The only nutrition I take during the race is a bottle of 3FU3L, 3Carb, and BCAA’s mixed during the bike portion.  The duathlons I do last no longer than 90 minutes and are fast and intense.  The bottle of 3FU3L, 3Carb, and BCAA’s on the bike is all I need to keep me going fast.  

The course was flat and fast.  The most difficult portion was the bike.  We went out into the wind and turned to ride along a crosswind.  The bike route was rural - all fields, which meant no trees to protect us from the wind.  Both run portions were on a rail trail that had a lot of wind protection because it went back into the woods.  I was able to improve all my times from my previous duathlon, even though this one was shorter.  My biggest improvement was my second run.  I took 1:37 min. off from what I race before.  

Once I finished, I walked around for a bit, chugged a bottle of water, then drank one more bottle of two scoops of 3FU3L with BCAA’s for recovery.  I wouldn’t be eating for a couple hours so I needed the extra scoop.  Normally I use one.  It made a difference because I wasn’t too sore next day and ran a “faster” recovery run than I normally would have.  

What’s funny about this is I didn’t find out till next day when official results were posted that I had won.  No duathlon results were up when I left.  It was a welcome surprise! 

Brad Willliams Quarry Ridge Duathlon Winner by Shawn Wingate

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