Susan Wallis - From CrossFit Games Athlete to Ironman Triathlete

Susan Wallis - From CrossFit Games Athlete to Ironman Triathlete

July 05, 2016

Ironman training is hard! Especially when working with a chronic injury. I started feeling some hip pain in January and the x-ray showed moderate arthritis in my right hip. So the CrossFit training and endurance training had to be modified. I made it through the Open and the Masters Qualifier (unfortunately didn't make the top 20 cut this year like I have in past years), and did a half-iron triathlon in April that further aggravated the hip. More PT and laying off movements that hurt, I still had to train for the Ironman that was scheduled for May 29. The 3FU3L coffee flavor is the only thing I use in my training, whether in the gym or on the road. Put in a blender with cold water, and add ice, and it is the best!

At Ironman Brasil, I had the new convenient smaller size packets to bring and was able to use a small blender in my hotel room to mix up the bottles for my long bike and long run. (I knew it would be long since my training was not as intense as it should have been). I made it through, slowest one of my 44 total "irondistance" races, and used all the bottles of 3Fu3l to do it. Recovery was easier, too, but maybe because I did so much walking! I am back to trying to build up the strength and endurance I have lost, while trying to work with a hip that is not 100%, and 3Fu3l still is with me every day. Because I am working out every day and need the benefits it provides. - Susan Wallis, #TEAM3F athlete ambassador  

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