Roy Gamboa: Training for the Love of Fitness

Roy Gamboa: Training for the Love of Fitness

June 08, 2017

By Roy Gamboa, 3FU3L Athlete, CrossFit Games Athlete and Coach

After I finished up with the National Pro GRID League late August, I didn't think I would be competing in functional fitness for a while. Just a little bit of being burned out from the long CrossFit Games season, having a couple weeks off, and then heading to Utah for about three weeks to go work out some more was really hard on my aging body.




 When Injury Happens

About a week after GRID I had to take some time off because of a quad injury during a light thruster session and a nagging shoulder problem. As a competitor in the sport of fitness, I can sometimes feel that taking time away from training means you're falling that much further behind your competition... or that the competition is getting that much closer.

Roy Gamboa 3FU3L Athlete CompetitionI decided to train around my injuries and just be thankful that I was able to be training some movements and running. I began training for fun! Not for any purpose like making weakness better, or getting stronger or anything like that. Just going to the gym for the love of fitness.Of course, all I know as a competitor is to train as hard as possible so that's what I did with the movements I was still able to perform. I've been enjoying each day and my fitness actually feels like it's as good as ever! I'm recovering and there hasn't been any mental stress.

Of course, this entire time I've been using 3FU3L and 3CARB to get me through it all. I'll have a 3FU3L shake about an hour and a half before my workout and 3CARB about an hour before my lengthy metcons or longer monostructural conditioning pieces. With my mind at ease and body fueled properly, I feel like I'm still in the best shape of my life! So when I got asked to partner up with Margaux Alvarez in the 801 classic in Utah there was not a doubt in my mind that I would be prepared because of two reasons: 1) my renewed love for training and 2) 3FU3L/3CARB assisting my performance/recovery post injuries.


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