Endurance Training In The Cold

Endurance Training In The Cold

January 30, 2018

Winter is one of the most crucial times for an endurance athlete.  Most training sessions are spent logging long low intense rides on the bike, long slow miles on the road, or swimming slow in the pool.  These are important to develop your endurance, give the body a base for faster more intense sessions later on, and build mental toughness (it’s not easy sitting on a bike pedaling at low intensity for 2-3 hours).  This time of year athlete are also in the gym building muscle to turn to power because once the more key swim, bike, or run sessions start and racing begins the body needs more rest/recovery and it gets hard to make it to the gym for a strength session.  

During this period fueling is very important.  You need to keep proper nutrients in you to sustain the long workouts you’re putting your body through.  That is why 3FU3L is the best thing for me.  After each session It’s in my shaker cup to not only help me recover, but to prepare me for another session later in the day.  Whether it’s a short strength session or hot vinyasa yoga I know I’ll be able to give 100%.  

         For many of my workouts, I’m going from a run to a short conditioning WOD or strength session.  During my run I’m sipping 3FU3L to keep me fueled so I can give a good effort for the second part the workout.  I’m doing the same thing when on the bike I burn more calories riding and the balanced macros of fat, carbohydrates, and protein never have me short on energy.  Since I’m using more energy on the bike I add 3Carb for that little extra boost.  Even though 3Carb is a starch, it absorbs fast and lasts hours.  To this day I’ve never had stomach problems using 3FU3L or 3Carb.

          One of the best things that 3FU3L offers is it’s chalked full or electrolytes (amounts vary per flavor).  You might think that you don’t need to stay hydrated in the winter months well your wrong.  Many times you’re sweating more indoors on the bike than outside because there is no breeze or air flow.  Plus you’ve got that dry heat from your furnace blowing on you because it’s cold outside.  I’ve finished bike workouts with white lines on my bike shorts from all the salt loss.  I’m definitely going to use 3FU3L after not only for the protein, carbs, and fat, but sodium and potassium to replenish what I lost.  I also live in Michigan so the cold, dry, air causes your body to work harder to keep warm.  If you are running outside, rehydrating after it very important not only to replenish loss nutrients, but also to help re-warm the body.  

Hopefully, you’ve learned a few ways I use 3FU3L and 3Carb during my training.  I hope you also picked up a little information on why you need to stay fueled even during low intensity, long training sessions in the winter months.  

-Brad Williams

Team3F Ambassador, Endurance and CrossFit Athlete

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