VIDEO | Brian Mackenzie and Dr. Andy Galpin Talk 3FU3L

VIDEO | Brian Mackenzie and Dr. Andy Galpin Talk 3FU3L

June 19, 2015

Recently, the 3FU3L crew had the opportunity to walk the Cal State Fullerton campus with Dr. Andy Galpin to check out all of the laboratories he uses on a daily basis to further the world of exercise science. Dr. Galpin’s research utilizes the muscle biopsy procedure to analyze muscle at the single cell level in response to high intensity/power/force exercise. Essentially, his research uses highly sophisticated measurements and laboratory techniques to answer practical questions like: How does muscle adapt at the cellular level to interval training vs. strength training? What cellular aspects of muscle allow some athletes, like elite CrossFitters or Mixed Martial Artists, to be simultaneously strong and highly conditioned? Our tour eventually led to a lengthy discussion of 3FU3L and the science-based approach taken to create the product, and how it’s best used amongst populations ranging from the average gym user to the professional athlete. Later in the discussion, Brian lays out the rationale and development for our upcoming product 3CARB and gives the Doc an opportunity to speak on his experience with the new product.

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