Team3F's Alyssa Christian - My 2nd year of CrossFit & What I've Learned

Team3F's Alyssa Christian - My 2nd year of CrossFit & What I've Learned

July 03, 2017

With my second CrossFit Open under my belt, I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience. I enjoy lifting with friends, the community, the competitiveness of it but also the results of it! The results are undeniable! This Open season, I went into my second Open a little smarter than last year. I had a little bit more experienced training under my belt and not only that, I had my nutrition on point! I have an amazing team on my side. 3FU3L has fueled every workout for the past several months and also throughout the Open. The team knew I wanted to put on some size, perform well and recover better! I have done all three of those things and I am continuing to receive growth!

Each week throughout the open I was able to keep performing my daily routine on top of doing the open workouts. I steadily made gains and pr's through the Open. And I did all the Open workouts two times! Each week as I did this, I never felt any different than previous weeks of training. Did not feel worn down at all. My body performed exactly how it needed to, I slept great and I recovered faster than I have before. As the Open came to a close I looked back and evaluated myself. Could I have done a few things different? Yes, of course I could! I can be better and I will be better! That is the beauty of this sport. There is always something to learn. But my nutrition, I know it was 100% where it needed to be thanks to 3FU3L. This year I fought for my spot on the leaderboard with every ounce in me. I placed 89th out of 10,668 females in the South Central region. I am very proud of that but I am not done. I have a lot to prove and having the right team on my side, I am going no where except up! Thank you 3FU3L team for taking care of me and making sure I was in the best possible health for my second Open! I WILL be on the regionals floor. Thank you for believing in me 3FU3L.

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