3CARB - A Carb Like No Other

3CARB - A Carb Like No Other

July 05, 2017

3CARB is the second product in the 3FU3L family, but it's hardly new.

It's the carb that we've always used in 3FU3L, a special form of waxy maize hydroxypropyl distarch-phosphate. Unlike regular starchy carbohydrates, 3CARB has been modified into a resistant carbohydrate - it resists digestion in the small intestine and immediately enters the large intestine. In other words, it's a starch that has been modified to act more like a fiber and provides the fuel you need for sustained endurance, whether your event lasts for an hour or a day.

We were the first to apply this carbohydrate to the world of sports performance when we included it in our original 3FU3L formulation - and since then, it has continued to surpass our expectations.

It's been used by champion MMA fighters, Olympic lifters, functional fitness athletes, triathletes, marathoners & ultra marathoners, GRID athletes, BJJ players, powerlifters, and other top tier athletes.

Adequate carbohydrate levels are essential for optimal performance (even in those with a lower daily intake). However, it's not simply an athlete's total carbohydrate intake that needs to be optimized, but also the quality of those carbohydrates.

Absorption, glucose availability, and insulin release are just a few of the factors that must combine at ideal levels to produce the perfect carbohydrate for athletes. We've been using this carb since 2011 and it beats everything else on the market. Other sports drinks and carb powders can leave you flat or (even worse) bloated, and riding a roller coaster of blood sugar spikes and crashes. Unlike 3CARB, they just don't provide the right kind of carbohydrate or the necessary quality to perform at the highest level.

But that's not all it does - unlike other carbohydrates, 3CARB encourages your body to burn fat. Most carbohydrates when ingested simply burn up for energy or end up as body fat. With 3CARB, you get an immediate boost in your body's fat utilization (and an increase in your resting energy expenditure). In other words, this is a carbohydrate that boosts your metabolism. In fact, it's the only carbohydrate we've seen with this ability. When your body is able to burn fat for energy, instead of simply relying on (limited) carbohydrate stores, it allows you to compete at a higher level for a longer duration...to outlast and outperform the competition. Don't wait - buy your 3CARB right now! 


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