Pon Somnhot

Pon Somnhot

“3FU3L was the perfect addition to my nutrition.”


I began running ultramarathons about 4 years ago. I started with conventional theory believing more is better and that a well oiled athlete needed to be fueled via high carbohydrates to sustain endurance. My results were terrible. I didn’t finish a lot of races due to poor nutrition and it was taking me an unusual amount of time to recover. In addition, my energy levels were constantly unstable during training. There were periods and weeks where I couldn’t even get through a workout. There had to be a better way.

Enter CrossFit Endurance. I went from running 50+ miles per week to as little as 20 miles a week. I ran 50Ks, 50Ms, and 100K. I didn’t just finish these races, but went from finishing dead last to finishing in some astonishing times, and qualifying for the Western States Lottery twice! I even won my 1st 10K Trail race this past January. I ran faster and recovered quicker. How? I changed my nutrition and adopted a low carbohydrate and higher fat diet. I used high quality fuel. 3FU3L was the perfect addition to my nutrition. I went from feeling unstable to having a tenacious focus to each training session. On September 14th I’ll be running the Headlands 100 Miler, my 1st hundred!

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