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The Best Ingredients Lead to Optimal Performance and Recovery.

By Brad Williams, TEAM3F Ambassador I recently competed in the TritoFinish Snow Moon Trail Run 15k Night Race.  I used it as training and ran pretty strong – 1:18:47 hours for the 15k (which was good for 15th out of…

Roy Gamboa Fitness Champion

Gamboa: Training for the Love of Fitness

Rachael Colacino

By Roy Gamboa, 3FU3L Athlete, CrossFit Games Athlete and Coach After I finished up with the National Pro GRID League late August, I didn’t think I would be competing in functional fitness for a while. Just a little bit of being…

The Magic of 3FU3L For The Dairy Intolerant

Rachael Colacino

By Elke S. Nelson-Nichols, Ph.D., Founder of ESNFit LLC When it comes to training, I prefer 3FU3L to any other protein supplement. By now, anyone who knows me knows this.For me, converting from 3FU3L skeptic to avid user has meant more confidence going…

Team3F’s Alyssa Christian – My 2nd year of CrossFit & What I’ve Learned

With my second CrossFit Open under my belt, I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience. I enjoy lifting with friends, the community, the competitiveness of it but also the results of it! The results are undeniable!…

The Wheelchair Gang

Our boy Chris “Stouty” Stoutenburg is featured in CrossFit HQs latest video “The Wheelchair Gang.” Check it out!